Casey and Bradley’s Meadow Creek Farms Engagement Photos

I met Casey while I was photographing Ashley and Andy’s wedding at her family-owned venue, Meadow Creek Farms in Cape May Court House, NJ which she also grew up on. She saw the same-day slideshow I created for Ashley and Andy and she fell in love with my brand of photography. She stopped me and said “when I’m engaged, I’m hiring you for my wedding!”

Fast forward a couple months and sure enough, I received a call regarding her engagement! Except it wasn’t Casey, it was her then-boyfriend, Bradley. He wanted to coordinate with me so I could capture the actual proposal! In the weeks to follow I spoke with Bradley and Casey’s sister, Jenna on how it would go down.

The plan was to visit Meadow Creek Farms to take promotional website photos. Bradley would happen to take Casey out to a fancy dinner that night. They would pass Jenna and I on the way out and she would flag me down and say “oh you guys look so nice, let James use you as models!” Perfect plan, right?

The Proposal

The big day finally came and the moment came when Casey and Bradley drove by. Jenna flagged them down and I led them to the middle of the pasture to a spot under a huge oak tree. Casey grew up on the farm, so she envisioned her wedding under the three since she was a little girl, so it was the perfect spot!

I was SO nervous that my heart was racing! I asked Casey to take three steps away from Bradley and then turn around. In the moment she turned around, Bradley would be on his knee presenting the ring. Well I think Bradley was also really nervous that he just stood there! I asked her to do the same thing, and again, nothing! Finally on the third try Bradley got on one knee and it was a perfect moment!

Congratulations Casey and Bradley! I can’t wait for your Abbie Holmes Estates wedding!

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