Erika and Jake’s Abandoned Train Yard Engagement Photos in Lambertville, NJ

When I met Erika and Jake to discuss their Ramblewood wedding, we reveiewed our engagement session options. They wanted something different, so I started doing research. I came across a couple of abandoned train carts in Lambertville and thought it would be a cool spot! I presented to them and they loved the idea!

In order to access both locations efficiently, we needed to ride our bikes. So I loaded my mountain bike, camera equipment and we were off! Truly one of the coolest engagement sessions I’ve had! I mean whenever you need to ride a mountain bike on a trail you know it’s going to be a fun time!

We started in one car, but by the time we got to the other it was getting dark. Thankfully I had two flashes with me and was able to light them perfectly. Here are some of my favorites!