Michelle and Tom’s Laurita Winery Engagement Photos

When discussing engagement session locations with my clients, it’s always interesting to hear about their vision. Sometimes, I’m lucky enough that they pick a location that means something to them. ¬†Michelle and Tom met at Laurita Winery while working there, so choosing Laurita Winery engagement photos was a no-brainer.

I live about 15 minutes from the winery, so my wife and I visit it a couple times a year. With their food truck festivals, delicious restaurant and of course wine (the Down the Shore¬†Relaxing Red is a personal favorite), I’m fairly familiar with the grounds. So I thought.

Michelle and Tom had the hook up on all the good spots! We started off at the spot they met, and you can tell by the look in their eye that it’s a magical location. From there we jumped in a Laurita truck (it’s good to know the employees) and visited several locations. My personal favorite was one that is not accessible to the public, a hallowed-out tree behind the barn.

I really enjoyed hanging with them and getting to know them, and I knew that their Hamilton Manor wedding day is going to be awesome!!!

Laurita Winery is located in New Egypt, New Jersey just off Route 541. It’s rolling hills makes for a great location for photos. No session fee is required, just check in with the staff to make sure there’s no events taking place.