In some weird mysterious way we’re all intertwined. Facebook has opened up awareness of mutual contacts and acquaintances to us all. Between Facebook and Instagram, exposure to mutual contacts is amplified and is how a lot of my clients find me. That’s exactly how Julianne and Michael found me.

When I met Julianne and Michael to discuss their Crystal Tea Room wedding, we quickly found some similarities. Like my wife and I, they’re high school sweethearts. Also like my wife and I, we’ll both have September anniversaries! Mine is 9-13 and their’s will be 9-12. On top of that, one of Michael’s close friends (and groomsmen) works for the same mortgage company I do.

I loved hanging out with them during their Philadelphia Engagement session. I always take notice on how couples interact with each other. Julianne and Michael have this chill, easy going attitude which is right up my ally! We spent the evening meandering around the back of the Philadelphia Museum of Art on a beautiful early October evening.

If you’ve never been to the back of the Art Museum, it’s actually really nice and bustling with activity. There’s people running, biking, lovers walking, weddings and engagement sessions. If you stop and people watch you may witness some magical moments like a proposal or a first kiss.

We made our way up the steps, down the walkway and along Cescaphe’s WaterWorks wedding venue, making random stops along the way. We ended the night on the steps of the museum over looking the city.

I’m glad Zuckerberg created the monster we all have a love/hate relationship with. If it wasn’t for the exposure, who knows if I would have met J+M. But I’m sure glad I did! Here are some of my favorites from their Philadelphia Engagement session!

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