MaryAnne and Marcus‘ Moorestown Community House wedding summed up in one word…(check out the photos and enter your own adjective here)

I’ve always admired the Moorestown Community House. Growing up in the area, I’ve passed it hundreds of times and always gazed at the building built in 1923. When MaryAnne told me her wedding is at the historical building, I was beyond excited! When I arrived I honestly didn’t know what to expect. I toured the historical building and fell in love with the library, study and gymnasium that was transformed into a gorgeous ballroom. From a photographer’s perspective, it was the perfect place for a wedding. There were so many options for photo spots, almost too many. I honestly had to narrow down the areas that I wanted to use otherwise I could have been there all day.

MaryAnne and Marcus have a special love. As you can imagine I see a lot of weddings and couples. But the way MaryAnne turns this six-foot-plus burly man turns into a soft-speaking giddy teenager is enough to make anyone believe in true love. I enjoyed every second with them and their day.

Here are some of my favorites!

MaryAnne and Marcus’ Moorestown Community House Wedding

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