Before you view Madie and Kyle’s micro-wedding photos, know that they were set for an awesome 200-guest wedding at the incredible venue, Nanina’s In the Park. Then a pandemic happened. They kicked around thoughts of postponing their wedding. After thinking about it long and hard, they decided to get married anyways. Instead of a grandiose 200-guest wedding, they had a 9-person wedding in their condo. It turned out to be a thousand times more grandiose than any wedding could ever be.

Madie and Kyle got ready at the newly opened AC Hotel in Bridgewater. The hotel’s beautifully decorated interior served perfectly as a backdrop for Madie and Kyle’s first look. The rooftop space is aesthetically diverse, providing something for everyone. We utilized the entire rooftop for portraits of Madie and Kyle, along with their family portraits. We definitely appreciated the warm hotel on this cold blustery January day!

Family members decorated their home for the ceremony. No detail went missing and was very well done! The table had all the decor you’d see at a wedding. Tule, fairy lights and a wood alter set the ambiance, while guests watched via Zoom. During their vows, they expressed how their love has grown from teenage puppy love, to the love, respect and admiration that their friends and family see today. I couldn’t help but smile the entire time, especially when they danced to a modern rendition of the classic, Can’t Help Falling in Love.

Madie and Kyle’s micro-wedding photos reminds us all of what truly matters on a wedding day. Love. Thanks for allowing me to capture your special day, I wish you both the very best life has to offer…without squirrels.