Ah the love story of Madie and Kyle is a good one. Kyle was just a boy in high school with a little crush. When the opportunity came, he seized it and yada yada yada, here we are today taking their Princeton University Engagement photos!

I had a blast getting to know Madie and Kyle. I loved hearing about how they met, Madie’s “hand on the hip” customer service voice and Kyle’s odd fear of squirrels. As luck would have it, a squirrel ran within two feet of Kyle towards the end of our session, freaking him out. I think I even saw some karate kicks come out of him. Luckily, Kyle’s display of Street Fighter and Cobra Kai moves scared off the squirrel and we were able to resume the session.

Madie and Kyle had a huge wedding planned for Nanina’s In the Park, one of NJ’s premier wedding venues. But much like the squirrel, COVID reared it’s ugly head and messed everything up. They’re planning a much more scaled down celebration (micro wedding) with their closest family and friends. At the end of the day celebrating their love is what it’s all about.
Here are my favorites from their Princeton Engagement session…sans squirrels.

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