Princeton University Engagement Photos


It’s always a good time when I have the privilege of visiting the historical campus of Princeton University. With it’s gorgeous architecture and symmetry, the photo options are limitless. I’ve been there a couple times, so I knew some good spots for Lisamarie and Sam’s Princeton University Engagement Photos.

I wanted to get different shots for L&S’s Princeton University engagement session, so we started at Nassau Hall. The ivy-covered building made for a great backdrop, as I captured Lisamarie and Sam making each other laugh, giving their Princeton University engagement photos life!

During this session I decided to try out my new tilt-shift lens. The purpose of this lens is to add a creative flair to the photos by creating an extreme depth-of-field. Essentially, it blurs out parts of the photos depending on how I adjust the lens. It’s a manual focus lens, which means I had to make sure Lisamarie and Sam’s faces were in focus. This also takes a few more seconds to set up, but they didn’t mind. They just had their moment as I went through my settings and I caught them in their natural, comfort zone which is my ultimate goal.

Throughout the session, I couldn’t help but notice how in love these two are. They have this chemistry that just flows in the way they move and they way they talk. I’m so happy to have them as my clients!