Fort Dix Engagement Session

When Katie asked if she could do a pin up engagement session, I said “hells to the yeah!” I was really excited for their engagement session for a couple of reasons. The first being the pin-up theme. Secondly, Katie and Mike found me on Instagram, which is really cool! About 75% of my clients are referrals, so when a client finds me organically, it’s exciting! It means my hashtags are working, and they’re a fan of my work. I totally geeked out over both reasons!

Katie’s idea was to dress with a retro look, and use some old planes, tanks and helicopters as backdrops. I’m all on board with this pin up engagement session idea!!! So the day finally came and we met up at the first area filled with tanks and a helicopter. It was a lot more challenging than I thought. I battled lighting and background distractions such as power lines, cars and telephone poles all while maintaining good composition.

After taking an epic photo at a plane that Elvis rode back to the US on, the sun started to set. We walked across the street to a golf course, and took advantage of some open space for some sunset shots.

This engagement session will forever go down as one of my favorites for a few reasons. One…it was kick ass! Two…’Merica! Three…it brought back a lot of memories of my Dad driving me around on base.