Alicia and Josh Grounds for Sculpture Engagement Photos

I’ll never forget when Alicia and Josh first reached out to me. I was finishing up a late November wedding and checked my email. A message was in there with a wedding date of 1-19-19…yes…less than two months away! Alicia and Josh planned their wedding in less than two months. What an unbelievable feat! In fact, these Grounds for Sculpture engagement photos were taken two weeks before their Camden Adventure Aquarium wedding!

Grounds for Sculpture is located in Hamilton, NJ. Its a sprawling park with pieces of art located all around. It’s a very cool place to incorporate art and portraits together, and also helps frame and create some unique portraits. We walked around the park for a bit, getting to know each other more and having some laughs along the way. Here are some of my favorites from Alicia and Josh’s engagement photos!