Your wedding day is a once in a lifetime experience totally customized to your taste. There is no right or wrong way to do things, only the way you want them done…as long as it’s not illegal. My lawyer made me put that last part in.

Anyway, the most anticipate experience is the groom seeing his bride for the very first time in her wedding dress. It truly is a magical moment. I still remember seeing my wife for the first time. How you have that experience is totally up to you. You can choose to have a first look, or the more traditional way of seeing her walk down the aisle. Here are pros and cons of a first look vs traditional.

Meet you at the alter?

When you see each other for the first time at the alter, it’s hard to not talk to each other! But there’s vows and the homily that require you to pay attention. With the traditional way, the groom sees the bride the same time as everyone else. It is definitely the bride’s moment! If you do a first look, it’s your moment. It’s private and your own quiet time together. You can hug, kiss, laugh, cry and have a conversation with each other. Even if you do a first look, you still have that moment of seeing her walk down the aisle for the first time. Emotions still run wild regardless if you do a first look vs traditional.

All your photos…done

Another benefit of doing a first look is all your photos are done and out of the way before your ceremony! This means you’ll have an earlier start, but it’ll be easier and smoother as you won’t have to rush through your photos. This covers your bridal party, family formals and bride and groom photos! Done! One draw back is these photos will usually take place during harsh lighting, so we may be limited to the areas we can use. It’s ok though, I plan my locations thoroughly and always look for the good light.

Cocktail hour!!!

When you get your photos done ahead of time, you get to attend you cocktail hour! That means drinks, shrimp cocktail, meat on a stick and so much deliciousness. I like cocktail hour too. In fact, I do weddings just for cocktail hour.

So whether you’re more traditional and want that aisle moment, or want to fully enjoy cocktail hour by doing all your photos ahead of time, customizing your experience is all up to you!

Engaged and want more information? Contact me and we’ll chat about your day, my availability and get to know each other!