Ericka and Jake have such an infectious positive energy that anyone can pick up on by spending just a minute with them. Their vibes were so cool during their engagement session (which you can read here), I had no doubt that their wedding would be awesome!

Anticipating that their 10-10-2020 date would be a popular one, they booked me almost three years out! And they were right, I had to refer out about a dozen 10-10-2020 weddings. When their date finally came, it was awesome!

The girls got ready in a hotel, and the boys got ready in their home. They met up at Ramblewood for their first look, which was such a cool moment! Ericka was so giddy and Jake was anxious and their energy collided for an amazing moment! My fiend, John Bynum of iExclusive Productions was right along side of me to capture it!

We spent some time riding around in gold carts and taking advantage of the cool grounds that Ramblewood has to offer. One of our last stops was a cool tunnel that runs under Church Street and took one of my favorite photos! We wrapped up our photos on one of the greens, then headed to the outdoor ceremony space.

Jake hammed it up throughout the ceremony (as expected) and they enjoyed their time in front of their family and friends. Once they were done, everyone made their way to the outdoor reception space and danced the night away!

Here are some of my favorites from their Ramblewood Country Club wedding!