Jess and Evan’s Engagement Photos at Deep Cut Gardens

When Jess and Evan suggested Deep Cut Gardens engagement photos, I had absolutely no idea where it was. I immediately went on Google to check it out and it was only about an hour from my house, so I was game! While I didn’t know anything about the park and put full trust in my client’s vision to pick out a cool place. I mean, they picked me so they have great taste, right? Right.

The park was really cool, but Jess and Evan were cooler! We meandered around using the green house, Harry Potter-looking trees and the Alice in Wonderland-ish garden as a background. I had a great time getting to know them and can’t wait for their Hamilton Manor wedding in summer 2020!

Deep Cut Gardens is a perfect place for photos because it’s a small park yet offers a lot. It’s located off the Garden State Parkway a little south of NYC. A photo permit is required, contact the office to obtain one.

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