Chrissy and Brien’s Washington Lake Park Engagement Photos


Sometimes things are just meant to be. When Chrissy and Brien were looking for a wedding photographer, two-separate people they knew recommended me. It had to be, right? Of course! Only obstacle…they live in North Carolina. Chrissy’s mom was nice enough to do some tasks for her and reached out to me. Shortly after that, she booked me for their Scotland Run wedding.

I finally met Chrissy and Brien when they came up to New Jersey for Chrissy’s surprise engagement party. We agreed to meet at Washington Lake Park for their engagement photos, in the mid-day sun. Anyone who knows me knows that I always schedule my sessions an hour prior to sunset, so shooting in the mid-day sun is a huge challenge. Luckily, there’s a lot of shade in the park, but that can lead to flat images. Roll out the off-camera-flash!

Shooting their session with off-camera-flash allowed me to control the light to create shadows, textures and photos that weren’t flat. Chrissy and Brien did the rest. They’re so in love and all I had to do was tell them where to stand, and they did the rest!

I can’t wait for their 2019 Scotland Run wedding!