Sometimes the best way to photograph clients is without a plan. Look where the light is, where the road takes you, what area looks interesting and have some luck. All these things were contributing factors to Gianna and Justin’s Cape May engagement session.

Gianna and Justin are from New Jersey, but moving to Montana this year. We had a small window of opportunity to do their engagement session while they’re both home. When I asked them what they wanted to do, they just said “let’s meet in Cape May”. If you’re not familiar with Cape May, it could offer many different looks. You can use one of the beaches, marinas, shopping district, Congress Hall or one of the historical streets lined with victorian homes. We decided to meet at Congress Hall and wing it!

It started to rain while I was driving down and I got a little nervous because I didn’t know any useable inside options. As I said, we got lucky and the skies cleared up…phew! We spent the afternoon meandering around Jackson Street and Congress Hall. The staff of The Virginia Hotel and Congress Hall were nice enough to let us take photos inside the hotels, so a big thank you to them! And I love when clients trust me 100%. I asked G&J to climb up on a ledge on the outside of Congress Hall. They did it without hesitation and the photo came out really cool!

By the time we were done at Congress Hall we had about 30 minutes of light left. You cannot be in Cape May at sunset and not go to Sunset Beach! So we made the short drive over and as expected, we had the beach to ourselves. The clouds made way to an explosion of color and we enjoyed a beautiful early-March sunset!

If you’ve never been to Sunset Beach, go and take someone special! It’s the only place in NJ that you can see a sunset over the Atlantic. It’s the perfect place to sit on the beach, listen to the waves crash and watch the sun set with someone you love. If you do, get ready to hold that memory forever!

I’m super excited for their Willow Creek Winery wedding but until then, here are some favorites from their Cape May engagement session!

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