If Marie and TJ’s Brigalias wedding was a movie, it would be a romantic comedy. Humor was certainly abundant wherever you looked. Marie’s note reading “don’t even think about it” warning TJ to not peek at her dress was just the start. Then there was the sweet note that read “Can’t wait to see you looking like a snack”. And what’s better than the entire bridal party wearing a temporary tattoo of the groom’s face? Nothing. The answer is nothing.

Marie and TJ had their first look under the beautiful gazebo on the expansive grounds of Brigalias. As they enjoyed a very tender moment with each other, family and friends watched from afar. Accompanying TJ throughout the day were his late brother, Joey’s car keys. He was with you the entire day, bro.

TJ watched his bride walk down the aisle in Brigalias’ newly opened barn chapel. It really is a beautiful chapel and you can still smell the freshly cut wood. Funny moments were sprinkled throughout the ceremony that Marie and TJ had no idea about. It started with a guest trying to fix his tie. He settled for leaving it on his forehead. Front row. At that moment, I knew it was going to be THAT kind of wedding!

And then I had a great conversation with Marie’s grandfather as the bridal party was walking in. I’m snapping away and he turns to me and asked “what is the temperature? Because I’ve never been colder…and I’ve been to Alaska!!!” Well he spoke, I just smiled, nodded and photographed the bridal party.

But perhaps the funniest/most embarrassing moment came when Marie and TJ’s mothers lit the unity candle. TJ requested a shot from the windows behind the alter. So while the mothers walked up I sneaked outside, composed my shot, went to get as close to the glass as possible to avoid glare and tapped the glass with my lens. It happened during a quiet moment and everyone heard it. D’oh!

Guests danced, laughed and had a great time the rest of the night. These two are madly in love, and when you’re in love with your best friend there’s no other feeling in the world like it.

May your lives be filled with infinite laughs and beautiful memories! Here are some of my favs from their Brigalias wedding day!